12 Tribes of Israel Tzedakah Box by Susan Fullenbaum

12 Tribes of Israel Tzedakah Box by Susan Fullenbaum
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Handcrafted, in stained glass by artist Susan Fullenbaum opalescent panels with various color translucent squares that represent the stones of 12 tribes. The tribes and their colors (representing the gemstones of the original, ancient breastplate), in order as they appear on the box, are: Reuben - ruby; Simeon - topaz; Levi - smaradg; Judah - carbuncle; Issachar - sapphire; Zevulun - emerald; Dan - zircon; Gad - agate; Naftali - amethyst; Asher - beryl; Joseph - oxyn; Benjamin - jasper.

Each of the sections of stained glass has been hand cut, wrapped in copper and soldered together to form the shape of this tzedakah box. The lid is hinged for easy opening and closing of the box and for removal of the money when the tzadakah is to be given to a worthy cause. This tzedakah box would make the perfect bar or bat mitzvah gift, a gift for Shabbot, or a gift for any special occasion. Signed by the artist. May vary slightly from picture due to handmade nature of item.

Special Order item.

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