A Taste of Tradition: Pesach by Tamar Ansh

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A Taste of Tradition: Pesach by Tamar Ansh
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A Pesach cookbook so good that you won't be able to wait a year to use it again.

Tamar Ansh, renowned cookbook author and member of the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals), has done it again in this exquisite collection of over 350 exciting and varied non-gebrochts and gluten-free dishes. With stunning, full-color photos and user-friendly, step by step instructions, this cookbook will allow you to create Pesach cuisine packed with flavor and flair.

  • Kosher-for-Pesach lemon pie?
  • Wheat-free kneidlach?
  • Pomegranate chicken?
  • Beet salad your kids will eat?

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Yes Anything's Possible!

From Gefilte Fish to Pomegranate Chicken, from kneidlach to Spinach Salad, there is something for everyone. Over 350 luscious, no-fail recipes designed to please everyone:

  • Tasty and healthy recipe options using nonprocessed foods
  • Creative, easy-to-make, and delicious desserts
  • A cornucopia of salads and low-fat options
  • Dozens of tips, suggestions, and helpful hints
  • Essential gluten-free dishes for all year 'round

A masterpiece of mouthwatering delights, Pesach: Anything's Possible is an absolute must-have for Pesach and all year 'round