Red Aluminium Pomegranate Condiment Dish by Yair Emanuel

Red Aluminium Pomegranate Condiment Dish by Yair Emanuel
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This gorgeous honey dish is a great addition to the Rosh Hashanah table. It is designed as a red bowl, its rim set with miniature pomegranates, accompanied by a red cover, shaped as the upper half of a large pomegranate. The large pomegranate when the dish is closed and the honey in the bowl when the dish is open are a wonderful combination of two Rosh Hashanah symbols in one!

They are a wonderful Rosh Hashanah present as well as a great gift for the new home. During the rest of the year they can be used to hold nuts, olives, dips, or any other treat for your Shabbat or weekday table. Anodized Aluminum.

Dimensions: 8" x 6"

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