Tamara Baskin

Jewish Art By Tamara Baskin

Born and raised in Israel, Tamara Baskin moved to the United States where she began her career in art. She had twenty years experience working in several mediums, but was drawn to the art of fused glass production. Her emphasis was in creating elegant but functional pieces designed to celebrate Jewish life cycles. Her tzedakah boxes, menorahs, seder plates, and mezuzahs appear in the homes throughout the world. Never content with sitting back, she forged ahead by experimenting with new shapes, colors, patterns, and materials. Tamara became a true leader in the glass industry by both judaica and non-judaica guilds throughout the world. In her later years, she moved beyond the confines of functional judaica. This new vision led to the production of larger pieces of ornamental art. On August 11, 2007, Tamara Baskin passed away. Her designs continue to be produced by her family and staff.


New Art By Tamara Baskin

Check out some of Baskin's gorgeous work: