Bamboo Challah Board and Knife by Michael Aram

Bamboo Challah Board and Knife by Michael Aram
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The Bamboo Challah Board was inspired by colonial architecture and the French Regency era. It is instilled with the organic hand for which Michael is so well loved yet incorporates more classical design elements. Though it can be used to decorate any style of entertaining, the board was designed with elegant yet informal occasions. Knife is 12.75" long, nickleplate handle and stainless steel blade.

Artists Statement:

"Even though bamboo has been used as a simple building material for centuries, it can also be used to create complex architectural forms. I see bamboo more and more in the United States, even in front of some of the turn of the century brownstones on my street in New York City. But I still associate it with colonial era gardens, like the one at my home in New Delhi."

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