Beloved Ketubah by Nishima Kaplan

Beloved Ketubah by Nishima Kaplan
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You and your Beloved, deeply in love, reach out to create a glowing new Heart, symbolic of your heart-felt commitment to this marriage. You have been searching for each other all your lives, carrying half-a-heart each, dreaming of the moment when your Heart would become whole. At the same time, you respect your Individuality, making sure that you keep in touch with your “center” — the “bull’s eye”-shaped circle cradled and protected by your other hand. Pulsing with primal, vibrant energy, “Beloved” serves as a testament that your marriage is based on two centered people reaching out to create a shared Love and Life together. May you be blessed with a marriage filled with shared joys and ever-growing communion, where your individuality is respected and treasured. The Beloved Ketubah by Nishima Kaplan is based on the work of Paul Klee,

All texts are in Aramaic or Hebrew with English unless otherwise specified. Custom text should be entered in the personalization form. After placing your order, please fill out the Ketubah Personalization Form by clicking here.

18" X 24", 21" X 28"

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