Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Cards

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Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Cards
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This set contains nearly 1000 cards covering over 1200 words from the vocabulary of the Hebrew Bible. Assists the individual's grasp of basic vocabulary, nouns, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, adverbs, and particles of the Biblical Hebrew language.

Hebrew words on the fronts of cards with English on the backs and a study guide booklet with Hebrew and English indexes.

Prepared for students of Biblical Hebrew and also useful for study of Israeli Hebrew, most of the words remain in current modern use. The set includes all nouns, adjectives, and verbs appearing at least 25 times in Hebrew Bible, plus frequently occuring adverbs, prepositions, and particles. Use of these cards presupposes a working knowledge of Hebrew script. Use this set as supplementary practice material for a course or as a self-teaching, quick-start tool to build a strong Hebrew vocabulary base.