Blue Parting of the Sea Menorah by Tamara Baskin

Blue Parting of the Sea Menorah by Tamara Baskin
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This menorah symbolizes the parting of the Red Sea as described in Exodus 13:17. God commands Moses: "Raise your staff; stretch your hand over the sea and split it. The Children of Israel will come into the Sea on dry ground." Cobalt and other art glass on cobalt blue base. Each piece is hand cut and assembled, fired and slumped. Each menorah is a one-of-a-kind artistic creation.

Israeli born artist Tamara Baskin has brought the fine art of fused glass to Judaica. Tamara's Judaica works are fused glass, with an emphasis on creating elegant yet functional designs to celebrate Jewish life. Each piece is signed and dated.

We are big fans of Tamara Baskin's work, and we're sure you're going to love her art too! Each and every piece is hand made, and made to order. As with all works of art, there may be slight variations to the finished piece. Art by Tamara Baskin may take up to two weeks to ship. Please contact us about rush-shipping.

Dimensions are 8.5"X 6"


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