Blue Pomegranate Patchwork Matzah Cover by Yair Emanuel

Blue Pomegranate Patchwork Matzah Cover by Yair Emanuel

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This gorgeous matzah covers are a beautiful addition to your Passover table. The cover is made by taking raw silk patches and sewing them together to create a timeless patchwork art piece. Each silk patch is embroidered with colored thread, and the cover as a whole creates a beautiful effect. Each cover is a collage of different shades of blue and green, with pink and maroon pomegranates, and green branches, seeds, and leaves decorating the frame. In the middle of each cover is embroidered the word "Pesach" in Hebrew, celebrating our liberation from slavery in the land of Egypt. The Matzah cover has three sections inside to separate the three Matzahs. ItÂ’s the perfect gift for Passover, weddings and house warming.
16" L x 16" W

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