Gad Almaliah Miriam's Cup by Gad Almaliah

Gad Almaliah Miriam's Cup by Gad Almaliah
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This Miriam s Cup is a stunning contrast of materials. The cast pewter base contains an embossed Biblical quote, English on the front - Hebrew on the back, and embossed illustrations of a churning sea. The generous goblet is glass. Designed by Internationally renowned artist Gad Almaliah.

Miriam's Cup is a new ritual for the Passover seder. Its purpose is to honor the role of Miriam the Prophetess in the Exodus and to highlight the contributions of women to Jewish culture, past and present. "Miriam's cup" is filled with water to symbolize Miriam's miraculous well. The well was given by G-d in honor of Miriam, the prophetess, and followed and nurtured the Israelites throughout their journey in the desert.

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