Getting Up When You're Down by Abraham Twerski

Getting Up When You're Down by Abraham Twerski
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Modern medical science knows that depression and many related emotional conditions are not symptoms of weakness. Not only is it not helpful to say, "snap out of it," or "don't be so moody," or "why don't you cheer up?" such judgments betray an abysmal lack of understanding that most such moods are physical problems that can be remedied with the proper understanding and treatment. No one would dream of denying antibiotics to someone with pneumonia, or telling a cancer victim that the pain is only imaginary. Why should ignorance prevent people from getting relief from the adult maladies that banish joy form life and often make it impossible to function normally?

With wisdom, compassion and expertise, Dr. Twerski address problems that are too often discussed and misunderstood in whispers. This book will be a lifesaver for many, many individuals and families. It is more than recommended reading; it is urgent reading!