Haftarot: The JPS Bible Commentary by Michael Fishbane

Haftarot: The JPS Bible Commentary by Michael Fishbane
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Each page of this new commentary presents the traditional Hebrew text and the JPS English translation, along with commentary by a major scholar, integrating classical and modern sources and surveying the full range of material necessary for a dynamic exploration of the Torah.

The haftarot are an ancient part of Hebrew liturgy. These supplemental readings are excerpted from the Prophets (Nevi'im) and accompany each weekly Sabbath reading from the Torah as well as readings for special Sabbaths and festivals. With the publication of The JPS Bible Commentary: Haftarot, readers can add to their appreciation of these sacred texts. Its design adapts the format of the JPS Commentary series so that readers can better understand the haftarot from several viewpoints. Noted Bible scholar Michael Fishbane introduces each haftarah with an outline and discussion of how that passage conveys its meaning, and he follows it with observations on how it relates to the Torah portion or special occasion.