Rich. Elegant. Decorative. Practical. Spin some excitement into your Hanukkah celebration with a beautiful, artistic handmade dreidel. Our Hanukkah dreidels come in a variety of colors, styles and themes so you can gift one to your favorite professional (thank you, Doctor!) or decorate your home and remind yourself of the Festival of Lights all year round. 


And don't forget the children! Bubbies: Start your grandchildren off on an equisite dreidel collection, featuring The Gary Rosenthal Collection (metal!), Quest Designs (enamel!) or Tamara Baskin (glass!). Our specialty kids' dreidels - wood, bulk and party - are sure to inspire a round of laughter and joy. Chag sameach!

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Whether your goal is color, creativity or simply smiles, our dreidels will fascinate you as they spin:

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We all love to see those brightly colored tops whirring around the tables and floor on Hanukkah (also spelled Chanukah). A fusion of red, yellow, green and blue (and so many other colors!) can bring a rainbow of joy to your family.

Outside of Israel, dreidels are inscribed with four Hebrew letters: nun (נ), gimel (ג), hey (ה), shin (ש). The letters stand for the Hebrew phrase "Nes gadol haya sham" / "a miracle happened there." In Israel, the shin becomes a peh (פ), which stands for the Hebrew word "poh" / "here," because the miracle of Hanukkah happened in Israel where the Temple stood in the 160's BCE, when the Hanukkah story occurred.

Do you know how to play the dreidel game?

What you need:

      1. Dreidel

      2. A large quantity of either pennies, agurot (Israeli pennies), candy (such as M&M's or Mike and Ikes), raisins, or nuts

Set up:

Distribute the pennies (or whatever you are using) evenly between players. Position at least two individuals around a large table or in a circle on the floor.  

To play:

Each player antes in with two pennies. Players then take turns spinning the dreidel and taking or removing pennies from a collective penny pile, depending on how the dreidel lands.

  • Nun (נ) – Do nothing, pass dreidel to the next player
  • Gimel (ג) – Win all the pennies in the pot; players each put two pennies in the center again to continue with the game
  • Hei (ה) – Collect half the pieces in the pot
  • Shin (ש) / Poh (פ) – Put one piece into the pot