Tackling Life's Tasks by Yosef Schneersohn

Tackling Life's Tasks by Yosef Schneersohn
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Daily Chassidic teachings and glimpses into the spiritual lifestyle of Chabad-Lubavitch. Day after day, this book enables the reader to live virtually in the rich spiritual environment of Chassidus. Generations of Rebbeim and chassidim come alive; davenen becomes rich; study becomes rewarding; and life, a mission. As the Rebbe Rayatz described this book: "Small in format..., but studded with pearls and diamonds of choicest quality... Every day has something to say. This is a true HaYom Yom ('today is the day'): each of its days is indeed a day."

Newly translated, elucidated and annotated with supplementary reflections and anecdotes by Uri Kaploun and Rabbi Eliyahu Touger. Sources, references, and appendices. Yiddish and English.
4 1/2" x 7"