Jacobs Ladder Tzedakah Box by Tamara Baskin

Jacobs Ladder Tzedakah Box by Tamara Baskin
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During his journey, Jacob stopped to rest. That night he had a dream of a Ladder going from the ground to the heavens. At the top of the Ladder stood the Lord and told Jacob that the Land where he was would be his.

Contemporary and bold in design and color, this dichroic glass tzedakah box will stand out beautifully in your home or office. Celebrate the famous story of Jacob's Ladder and the ancient tradition of giving. A wonderful gift any time of year. Crafted of brushed aluminum and art glass, each box is a one-of-a-kind artistic creation.

Israeli born artist Tamara Baskin has brought the fine art of fused glass to Judaica. She painstakingly places pieces of cut glass and iridescent metals between fused glass. Her pieces dazzle and shine.

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