Joan Nathan's Jewish Holiday Cookbook

Joan Nathan's Jewish Holiday Cookbook
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This collection, the culmination of Joan Nathan's decades of gathering Jewish recipes from around the world, is a tour through the Jewish holidays as told in food. For each holiday, Nathan presents menus from different cuisines -- Moroccan, Russian, German, and contemporary American are just a few -- that show how the traditions of Jewish food have taken on new forms around the world. There are dishes that you will remember from your mother's table and dishes that go back tot he Second Temple, family recipes that you thought were lost and other families' recipes that you have yet to discover. Explaining their origins and the holidays that have shaped them, Nathan spices these delicious recipes with delightful stories about the people who have kept these traditions alive.

Try something exotic -- Algerian Chicken Tagine with Quinces or Seven Fruit Haroset from Surinam -- or rediscover an American favorite like Pineapple Noodle Kugel or Charlestonian Broth with "soup bunch" and matzah balls. No matter what you select, this essential book, which combines and updates her classic cookbooks with a new generation of recipes, will bring the rich variety and heritage of Jewish cooking to your table on the holidays and throughout the year.
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