The Kiss Ketubah by Nishima Kaplan

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The Kiss Ketubah by Nishima Kaplan
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The Kiss Ketubah by Nishima Kaplan is styled after Gustav Klimt's painting "The Kiss". Your First Kiss is special, a treasure to be remembered. The Kiss under the Chuppah is sweet with the wine you have drunk and salty with your tears. The Kiss at your first dance is shy. Who is this stranger smiling at me? Who is this old soul I have known forever? The Kiss after you finally find yourselves alone is pure passion. But do not be mistaken. They are all one Kiss. Your souls, your hearts, your eyes, your thoughts, your bodies and your words have been kissing each other ever since the moment you met. The rest of you surrendered to the Endless Kiss a long time ago. When your lips come together, they are sealing the envelope of a beautiful love letter that you are constantly writing to each other.

All texts are in Aramaic or Hebrew with English unless otherwise specified. Custom text should be entered in the personalization form. After placing your order, please fill out the Ketubah Personalization Form by clicking here.

13" X 26", 15" X 29"

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