Lace Embroidered Tallit Set by Yair Emanuel

Lace Embroidered Tallit Set by Yair Emanuel
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The tallit is made of raw silk in either off white or darker cream, with beautiful lace appliqués embroidered onto the side stripes, corners, and yoke. This special, timeless tallit is a wonderful way to enhance your spiritual ritual. The four lace appliqués (stripes) on each side start large and get smaller as they move towards the end. The corners and yoke are made of one piece of lace each, with beautiful embroidery. On the yoke is inscribed part of the blessing we say on the tallit, "...asher kideshanu bemitzvotav vitzivanu lehitatef betzitzit" (G-d made us holy through commanding us to done the tzitzit) in Hebrew. The tallit comes with a tallit bag in the same color with four lace stripes.

It’'s the perfect gift for a bat mitzvah, birthday, or any happy occasion for a special person in your life.

16" L x 70" W

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