Lion of Judah Tzedakah Box

Lion of Judah Tzedakah Box

Lion of Judah Tzedakah Box
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The lion of Judah represents physical and spiritual strength, power and royalty and is appropriate to display on this tzedakah box as well as other ceremonial works. Lid removes completely to add or remove tzedakah.

The stained glass iridescent box is hand made. Each piece of glass is hand cut with a glass cutter and then ground on a grinder. Next, the sections of the glass are wrapped in copper foil and soldered to form the box. The lid is sized to overlap the sides of the box for easy lifting and then the lid is beveled. An additional piece of glass is glued under the lid so that the lid can be placed properly on the base of the box and not slide. The lettering is added to the lid at the end of the process.

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