Love Wedding Glass Keepsake Dreidel

Love Wedding Glass Keepsake Dreidel

Love Wedding Glass Keepsake Dreidel
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The Love dreidel is a special wedding gift. The shards from the wedding ceremony can be placed in the tube as a memory of the wedding when the players spin the dreidel. The dreidel is made from dark blue cathedral glass and clear silvercoat mirror that has been sandblasted with the hebrew letters nun, gimmel, heh, and shin.

The wording on the base is "Ani L'dodi V'Dodi" in Hebrew and "I Am My Beloved's, My Beloved Is Mine" in English.

Each section of the dreidel has been hand cut, angled on a grinder, wrapped with copper foil and soldered to form this magnificent dreidel. The stand was designed especially for the dreidel and the stand comes with the dreidel as a set. Just fill it yourself - no need to send the broken glass away. Stand included. (Shown filled for example only, the tube comes empty.)

Special order - allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

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