Multicolor Matriarchs Embroidered Tallit Set by Yair Emanuel

Multicolor Matriarchs Embroidered Tallit Set by Yair Emanuel

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Flowers, stars, doves and more intertwine on this design from the Biblical Heirlooms Collection. This spectacular hand embroidered tallit features a colorful floral motif throughout with each of the four corners featuring one of the Jewish matriarchs, Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah. Encircling yourself in a prayer shawl with the matriarchs all around you is sure to bring an extraordinary addition to your spiritual ritual.

The Tallit is made of woven cotton adorned with hand embroidered Atara (yoke), stripes and corners. The motifs are chain-stitched hand-embroidered on raw cotton using various colors of silk, as well as gold and silver threads to create a beautiful design.

A stunning hand embroidered 3 piece matching set - Tallis, Kippah, and Tallis Bag, all beautifully crafted. Wool and acrylic blend fabric, made in Israel. Tallis has hand woven stripes of wool and all the panels, neckband and 4 corners are fully embroidered. Tallis bag and Kippah are also fully embroidered. Regular Koful Shmona wool Tzitzes. (All Tzitzes are under the strict supervision of the Tel-Aviv-Yaffo Israeli Rabbinate.)

NOTE: Arrangement and exact color of stripes may vary slightly from example shown.
21" x 77"

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