Men of Virtue Embossed Print by Gad Almaliah

Men of Virtue Embossed Print by Gad Almaliah
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Artist Gad Almaliah has created 12 distinct art prints for these 12 outstanding Biblical men. Each of the 12 men has his prominent virtue uniquely illustrated. Each name is written in both Hebrew and English. What an unforgettable gift for a man or boy of the same name or as a gift for someone who has demonstrated the quality expressed.

  • Abraham - Faithful
  • Isaac - Spirituality
  • Jacob - Determination
  • Joseph - Visionary
  • Benjamin - Righteous
  • Moshe - Modesty
  • Aaron - Peaceful
  • Joshua - Leadership
  • David - Creativity
  • Jonathan - Loyalty
  • Daniel - Generosity
  • Michael - Guardian

This would make a wonderful gift for a Bar Mitzvah, graduation, or special birthday. Framed. Available individually only.

Superior Hebrew and English calligraphy are woven together and adorn a hand embossed metal illustration. Each signed print is tastefully framed in a high quality custom brushed metal frame.