Moroccan Hamsa Necklace by Cynthia Gale

Moroccan Hamsa Necklace by Cynthia Gale
This Item Is Discontinued


This tiny hamsa is big on style and craftsmanship. The design is taken from a Moroccan Hanukkah menorah of the second half 19th century.

925 Sterling Silver with 18" Length Adjustable Sterling Silver Chain and Sterling Silver Closure

Cynthia Gale’s philosophy is simple: to create exquisite, high quality sterling silver jewelry inspired by art and the world around us. Part of Cynthia Gale's GeoMuseum Collection of jewelry, this item is uniquely designed in conjunction with The Jewish Museum. The collection is inspired by their architecture or individual artistic holdings each collection captures the distinct character of the institution. Her passion for supporting their artistic and educational missions has inspired Cynthia to donate a portion of each purchased museum piece to further these goals.

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