Mystical Jerusalem Ketubah by Nishima Kaplan

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Mystical Jerusalem Ketubah by Nishima Kaplan
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The Mystical Jerusalem Ketubah by Nishima Kaplan is full of deep symbolism. Doves of Peace soar above a mystical Jerusalem where day and night exist in perfect balance. Loving couples wander hand-in-hand along twin paths towards a star-lit Ocean and a sun-drenched city perched atop gentle hills. Crowning this paradise are two interlocked wedding rings, symbolizing your union in marriage, and a scroll reading “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” — a quote from the Song of Songs. Below, twin shofars proclaim the Hebrew word “Chai” (life) while candles, wine and challah stand ready to celebrate the blessings of Shabbat.

All texts are in Aramaic or Hebrew with English unless otherwise specified. Custom text should be entered in the personalization form. After placing your order, please fill out the Ketubah Personalization Form by clicking here.

18" X 24", 21" X 28"

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