Olive Tree Menorah

Olive Tree Menorah
This Item Is Discontinued


The olive tree is an ancient symbol of peace. In genesis 8:11, a dove brings an olive branch to Noah after the flood. This is a symbol that the waters of the flood are receding and that life is returning to earth. Two olive branches with fruit combined with the seven branched menorah are a symbol of modern Israel and project its hope for peace.

The twisted olive tree is an appropriate symbol for this Hanukkah menorah and a magnificent gift for the holiday. Olive oil was used in the Temple to relight the menorah on the first Hanukkah.

The graphic has been deeply sandblasted onto the 12x3" bevel and then UV glued to the bevel base. The candle holders are added last - eight for each night of Hanukkah and one, the Shammos, to light the others each night.


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