Jews outside of Israel celebrate Passover for eight days. The first two nights they have Passover Seders. Friends and families gather together to tell the Passover story, including songs and four cups of wine. At, we have Seder plates, wine cups, serving dishes, and matzah covers to make your Seder table a success. The only thing we don't have is Imodium.

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The main ritual that marks the Passover holiday is the Passover Seder. This combines a Passover meal with the telling of the Passover story. There are 13 parts of the Passover Seder:

  • Kadesh: Kiddush
  • Urchatz: Washing hands without a blessing
  • Karpas: Eating a vegetable
  • Yachatz: Breaking the middle matzah
  • Maggid: Telling the Passover story
  • Rachatzah: Washing hands with a blessing
  • Motzi matza: Eating matzah
  • Maror: Eating the bitter herb
  • Korech: Eating the bitter herb with charoset
  • Shulchan orech: Eating the Seder dinner
  • Tzafun: Dessert (with the afikoman)
  • Barech: Saying the Birkat HaMazon
  • Hallel: Praising God
  • Nirtzah: Passover songs


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