Prayer for America Poster by Mordechai Rosenstein

Prayer for America Poster by Mordechai Rosenstein

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Today, when American Jews pray for the peace and security of the United States, they do so as part of a 2000-year-old Jewish tradition that began after the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem. During the subsequent Jewish exile to Babylonia (present day Iraq), Jeremiah, the Biblical Prophet of that generation, told the Jewish community to pray for the country in which they were living: "Seek the peace of the city in which you live, for through its peace, you shall have peace" (Jeremiah, 29:7)

Since then, Jews in every generation, living in every land, have followed Jeremiah's advice. As a consequence, the Prayer for the Welfare of the Government evolved over time, and has become an integral part of the Sabbath morning service in most American synagogues and those around the world.

Mordechai Rosenstein, one of America's best-known Jewish artists, in collaboration with Judaica.com, has produced a stunning visual rendering entitled Prayer for America. A patriotic message that transcends religious or ethnic orientations. In Rosenstein's unique style of Hebrew calligraphy, the words of Jeremiah are fused with the American Stars and Stripes. The English translation summarizes Jeremiah's message directly: "God Bless America, and Bless Her People with Peace".

Unframed. Suitable for framing or mounting.

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