Premium Handcrafted Hanukkah Candles - Plum

Premium Handcrafted Hanukkah Candles - Plum


These dripless, beautiful candles have 3 tiers of color: white, pink, and lavender with an overlay design giving them a partially marbled appearance. 45 hand dipped candles with hand applied accents. Candles burn for approximately 1 hour. Exact color distribution may differ from example shown due to the hand dipped nature of these candles. Colors may vary slightly from example shown. Box may differ.

In the ancient city of Safed, nestled in the hills of the Galilee, skilled craftsmen create candles to bring the light of the Holy Land into your home. These candles are dipped in the age-old, traditional manner and burn with a clear and bright flame. Dripless. Burns for approximately one hour. Packaging may differ.