Regal Bronze Shabbat Lamp

Regal Bronze Shabbat Lamp

Regal Bronze Shabbat Lamp
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A larger version of the KosherLamp. Cylindrical shade with sculpted accents, larger window and brighter light! Direct the light -- Dim the light -- even Turn it off . Twist the special shade to cover the bulb while leaving the lamp on. Now available in 2 great colors: Antique Bronze, Antique Silver.

Approved by major Poskim including Rav Yosef Sholom Eliashiv shlit'a, Rav Shlomo Miller shlit'a and Rav Dovid Cohen shlit'a . To see some of the Rabbinical opinions click here.

It s called Kosher Lamp - The patent-pending FADESHADE technology allows you to direct the light and set the brightness of your lamp with a simple twist of the shade. You can even turn it off in accordance with the laws of Shabbat. When you want to go to sleep, the FADESHADE kosher lamp technology allows heat to escape safely while blocking virtually all the light without turning off the light switch!


  • Great for shared kids rooms with different bedtimes.
  • Read to your little ones before tucking them in.
  • Great for an infant s room during the night.
  • Have one for a Shabbos guest sleeping on the sofa.
  • Take one with you when staying in a hotel.
  • Buy one for your child at Yeshiva or Seminary.
  • Fabulous Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah gift.
  • Great Birthday, Engagement or Wedding present.
  • 15W Compact flourescent bulb included.
  • Safe for use on 3 day Yom Tovim
  • 110V - UL tested and approved

KOSHERLAMP has been tested and approved by the Canadian and American Underwriter s Laboratories. KOSHERLAMP uses a patent-pending venting system which allows heat to escape while keeping the light in. This is accomplished by using a high efficiency compact flourescent bulb which gives off light equivalent to a 40w incandescent bulb, but with very little heat. Also, the lamp is made from safe polyresin. KOSHERLAMP has been safely tested for up to two weeks uninterrupted use with the bulb on, and the shade in the "closed" position.


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