Round Oil Bulbs- Set of 9

Round Oil Bulbs- Set of 9
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Set of nine, glass oil bulbs for your oil menorah. Pack of 9
Various sizes of cup = longer or shorter burning times. For use with a package of wicks (sold seperately). Shown upside down. Exact shape varies with size, see sizes below.

When making your ordering, take into account the diameter of the glass comperative to your menorah and make sure they will fit nicely next to each other.

For example
If your menorah cups are 1" wide and 1" apart from each other your glass bulbs can be as big as 2" wide
If your menorah cups are .5" wide and .5" apart from each other, your glass bulbs can be no bigger than 1" wide

D - Diameter Across the top lip H - Height/depth of bowl without stem
#1 - .9"D x .875"H or 24mm D x 20mm H
#2 - 1"D x 1"H or 25mm D x 25mm H

#4 -1.375"D x 1.5"H or 35mm D x 36mm H realy large

#5 - 1.75"D x 1.75"H or 43mm D x 43mm H - really, really large