Shehechiyanu Framed Art Print by Mickie Caspi - Maroon Mat

Shehechiyanu Framed Art Print by Mickie Caspi - Maroon Mat
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The Shehechiyanu blessing is for all new or special experiences. It is a prayer of thanks to G-d for sustaining our lives. This is a wonderful gift for any and all special occasions. Hebrew text is the traditional blessing. The contemporary English interpretation of the Shehechiyanu blessing was written by the artist.

Actual text in contemporary English: "May we be blessed with the gift of life, with the ability to nurture and sustain, and with the happiness of arriving at this time. May the peace and love of this moment stay with us and inspire us to celebrate the bonds of family and community. " Texts are set among beautiful floral vines, interspersed with birds and butterflies.

Gold frame with mat. Color of mat varies at artist's discretion. Usually ships in 2 to 3 days.

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