Spice & Spirit: Kosher for Passover Cookbook

Spice & Spirit: Kosher for Passover Cookbook
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The world's most popular and most trusted kosher for Passover cookbook. A treasury of information to enhance your Yom Tov preparation! A Collection of recipes to bring joy to the Yom Tov Experience!This new, re-typeset edition includes many more exciting and creative recipes for all the traditional (and innovative!) Passover foods, while adhering to the strict principles of Passover Kashrut.

Delight your family and guests with creative menus for every meal.

  • A practical guide to Passover laws and customs
  • The laws of preparing for Pesach, Erev Pesach, and observing the Seder in new, easy to follow, illustrated charts.
  • Step by step guide to preparing and understanding the Seder.
  • Over 300 exciting recipes from basics to gourmet specialties.
  • Recipes conform to the highest standard of Passover observance
  • Easy to read, easy to use format
  • From Passover basics to gourmet specialties
  • Experienced cooks share their favorite tips.

This one of a kind cookbook will become an indispensable part of your Passover culinary library!