The Ezras Torah Pocket Luach 5777

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The Ezras Torah Pocket Luach 5777

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More than just a calendar, this is an extremely popular and almost indispensable tool for thousands of Rabbonim and Gabbim. It has become just as popular with the general Jewish population. Each entry to this now classic work was produced with painstaking care and devotion. In it, pertinent details related to each day's prayers are clarified and organized. It lays out exactly what is and is not said during prayers on each day of the calendar year. Includes Schedule of Parshios and special Torah Readings for each week, Times of the new moon (Molad), Dates and times of all Jewish holidays, daf Hayomi schedule, and explanatory notes. Candle lighting time charts for major US cities are all Standard Time, no adjustments have been made for Daylight Savings Time. Candle lighting times listed are 20 minutes before sunset.

250 pages, 3.25" X 5.75"

Since 1915, Ezras Torah, has specialized in supplying anonymous funds to help needy Torah scholars and their families throughout the world. Five specific programs help with Yom Tovim, Pesach, marriage, housing in Israel and medical expenses. Color of cover will vary.