The Gold Rivers Kiddush Cup & Serving Set

The Gold Rivers Kiddush Cup & Serving Set
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A beautiful set that includes 3.5" kiddush cup, 8 serving cups, and tray. The kiddush cup has 64 kabbalistic words inscribed on the gold-washed interior. The 64 different words are derived from the letters of the names of the four rivers that flowed from Gan Eden. One who drinks from this cup, according to Kabbalistic teachings, is granted the secrets and blessings of healing from any sicknesses, mental or physical, and infertility. According to Kabbalistic tradition, King Solomon extracted these secrets from Gan Eden. It can be used as a Kiddush Cup, Havdalah Cup, or to regularly give drinks to those who are ill.

The RaShash About The Gold Rivers:

The RaShash was a great Kabbalist living in Israel after the time of The Ari. The mystical inscriptions in this beautiful cup are based on three writings of The RaShash:

"The letters inscribed in this cup are the keys to the Gateway of Gan Eden and they open the doors of Mercy. With these letters inscribed in the cup, there is no illness in the world that the letters will not heal." "Concerning the names of the Rivers of Gan Eden and their inherent mystical properties, you will hear great and wondrous things."

"The Four Rivers of The Garden of Eden, (Genesis 2-10) describes one river flowing from Gan Eden, that divided into four rivers. Kabbalah, in the Zohar, explains the deep meaning of the four rivers. Each river represents one way to learn truth based on one of the 10 holy emanations or spherot. Corresponding to each way, four Tzaddikim entered Gan Eden, but only one left unharmed, uniting all four ways. The inscriptions in this cup represent the unity of all ways."