The Giant Infinity Display Menorah

The Giant Infinity Display Menorah
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A Menorah built to last!
This very new professional Infinity Menorah can be for indoor and outdoor use. It's got it all- beauty, simplicity, and durability.

  • All metal structure.

  • Stands beautiful 6 feet tall.

  • Ready to use in minutes. Just 3 screws and its ready to go, tool is included.

  • Stunning Chimney style bulbs to simulate real flames.

  • 9 bulbs included. Spare bulbs are available individually.

  • Professional storage case.

Built of wood with aluminum trims. Industrial grade wheels on the bottom for easy mobility. This case is designed for convenient storage of the Menorah, each part has a designated spot in the case to ensure that everything will stay together for many years to come.

Electric control box: Preprogrammed electric box allows you to light the bulbs manually or program it to light another bulb every night at a certain time.