Trees of the Forest Ketubah by Betsy Teutsch

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Trees of the Forest Ketubah by Betsy Teutsch
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The Trees of the Forest Ketubah by Betsy Platkin Teutsch has two soaring trees that create a tranquil forest huppah. Included in the illustration are various animal couples, including a pair of geese, who mate for life. Counting the bride's and groom's names there are seven pairs, echoing the seven days of creation and the Seven Blessings of the wedding ceremony, one of which frames this ketubah: "All creation speaks of Your glory." The other Hebrew and English texts surrounding the illustration include "Ani L'Dodi V'Dodi Li" - "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine". Available with either silver or gold embossing and trees.

All texts are in Aramaic or Hebrew with English unless otherwise specified. Custom text should be entered in the personalization form. After placing your order, please fill out the Ketubah Personalization Form by clicking here.

18"x21" Oval

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