Vortex Cobalt Blue Menorah by Beames Designs

Vortex Cobalt Blue Menorah by Beames Designs
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The rich cobalt tones and the intriguing design will pull you into an enchanting world of whimsy. Why Vortex menorah? A vortex is a whirling mass of water or air which operates as an irresistible force. Just try to resist it. Handmade. Candles not included.

The Vortex pattern is created employing a scraffito technique. Powdered enamel is applied to the glass and then drawn off with a stylus. The pattern is then fired into the glass.

Beames Designs combines the ancient art of fused (kiln fired) glass with metallic accents, glowing colors, cast pewter, or aluminum to create contemporary, classic and elegant home accessories, and Jewish ritual objects.

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