Wedding Breaking Glass and Keepsakes

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Progressive or traditional, religious or secular, Jewish weddings almost always include the breaking of glass at the end of the ceremony. Our vibrant, cool, often hand-blown Jewish wedding breaking glasses offer a lasting memento of your most special day.

Wedding Glasses

Wedding breaking glasses can be any color or size. What’s most important is that you connect with your breaking glass. Discover what speaks to you:

Wedding Glass Keepsakes

Ani l'dodi v' dodi li (I am to my beloved as he is to me). Display the glass broken under the chuppah with one of our creative keepsakes:

There are countless interpretations for the tradition of breaking a glass. Some see it as a reminder of the destruction of the First Temple of Jerusalem. Others say it is meant to remind us that marriage is as fragile as glass. It also has been interpreted to demonstrate that the bride and the groom were once a single soul, which God shattered into two parts; now, these two souls have found each other. However you interpret it, enjoy it! MAZAL TOV!