Women at the Seder Haggadah by Joel Wolowelsky

Women at the Seder Haggadah by Joel Wolowelsky
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"Women at the Seder Haggadah" celebrates the women of this generation, especially the women who embrace their connection to Judaism and the Torah. The Sages taught that it was in the merit of righteous women that the Children of Israel were redeemed from Egypt, so a Haggadah is a wonderful platform for acknowledging the power of women in Judaism. The commentary in this haggadah includes rabbinic comments on women associated with the Exodus, a discussion of those relevant aspects of Jewish law that apply to women, and homilies -- divrei Torah by women for the seder, many written especially for this volume. This new Haggadah elaborates on the traditional Hebrew text with further Torah sources and wonderful midrashim. All Hebrew text in this hardcover has been translated.
6" W x 9" H