Blue Glass Heart Menorah

Blue Glass Heart Menorah
Blue Glass Heart Menorah
Gary Rosenthal
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Made from brass and steel with copper and gold accents and shaped like a heart, this menorah is a great gift to give to someone you care about. Fabulous wedding, engagement, or anniversary gift. Color of glass will vary slightly.

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Dimensions 11"x5"x16"
Artist Bio
For over thirty years Gary Rosenthal has been sculpting in welded metals. Together with a team of talented craftspeople, The Gary Rosenthal Collection creates one of the most popular and unique lines of Judaic art in the world. they combine copper, brass and steel with brilliant fused glass and 24k gold to create artwork with a contemporary style deeply rooted in tradition. Inspiration comes from the rich history of the Jewish people which tells us it’s a blessing, a mitzvah, to make beautiful functional Jewish art.
Blue Glass Heart Menorah

Blue Glass Heart Menorah