Admur Mezuzah Scroll

Admur Mezuzah Scroll
Admur Mezuzah Scroll
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Each handwritten Mezuzah scroll is written by an expert, qualified sofer and is shipped either flat or rolled, in a paper or plastic case. This Mezuzah scroll is exclusively from Rabbi Moshe Klein's HaSofer Inc. of New York. With Rabbi Moshe Klein's team of highly-skilled, pious sofrim who write exclusively for HaSofer, you can be sure that this parchment is worthy of its sacred purpose. Examples shown have been modified for display purposes. The parchment you receive is a complete, kosher scroll that meets the highest standard. All of HaSOFER's mezuzah parchments - klafim, are written by their own certified sofrim - scribes, using only the highest quality natural parchment - klaf, and ink. Each parchment is examined twice manually by certified megihim - examiners and a final check by computer.

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Admur Mezuzah Scroll

Admur Mezuzah Scroll