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Holidays August 29, 2017

Sweet Honey Dishes to Suit Every Style

By Leiba Estrin

Bring sparkle to your holiday table: Mary Jurek’s “Melitta Honey Pot with Dipper” is shown with Nambé breadboard, Helyx Knot Candleholders, and Silvana Kiddush Cup. Challah cover is “Ears of Wheat” from the Jewish Heritage Collection.

Sticky and sweet, simple yet tasty, honey is used across all cultures and traditions that celebrate Rosh Hashanah around the world. We include honey at every meal during this holiday, dipping apples and challah and continuously wiping it off our fingers. Honey is an obvious symbol of wishing each other a shana tovah u’metukah, a good and sweet year.

Whether you’re shopping for a honey dish for yourself or someone else (they make great host/hostess gifts if you’re celebrating the new year with others) we’ve curated a few of our favorites to help you make a choice. Most can be used as condiment bowls the rest of the year (although we think there’s something fun and special about bringing the honey dish out once a year). Go minimalist or ornate -- the main thing is to celebrate.


Sleek Sweetness: Nambe “Stinger” Honey Pot [far right] is paired with “Elevate” Kiddush Cup and “O” Washing Cup, both by Uvtuvo.

Nambe “Stinger” Honey Pot: This Wei Young-designed Stinger Honey Pot has a pointed end, like a stinger, but fill it with honey and it's all sweetness and light. With its polished steel top that doubles as a sleek dipper, this clean-lined glass honey pot is a must for modernists.

Red Apple & Honey Plate by Joy Stember: Artisan Joy Stember is known for her original work with metals. This simple interpretation of a honey plate is crafted in powder coated steel and brass. The square glass dish is removable for easy cleaning, and comes with a honey dipper that is made from pewter and brass.


Simple Glitz: “Golden Apple Honey Pot with Spoon” by Michael Aram is shown with Wooden Bamboo breadboard, also by Michael Aram.

Melitta Honey Pot with Dipper by Mary Jurek: [Shown in top photo] Mary Jurek Design takes great pride in the fact that all products are hand-made by artisans throughout the world with direct creative input from, and oversight by, founder Mary Jurek. Many factories chosen to produce the collection are female-owned, and strategically located in areas where economic development is desperately needed. Even with these good reasons behind them, however, the beautiful designs stand on their own. This gorgeous hammered stainless pot, complete with lacquered brass bee on the lid, is one such example. Comes with a matching dipper and removable glass dish inside for easy clean-up. Use with coordinating Pomona” Apple Bowl.

Golden Apple Honey Pot with Spoon by Michael Aram: This may be one apple you can’t resist. There’s a reason Michael Aram is renowned for his judaica and houseware collections, many in fine metals and yet well-priced for their level of stunning design work. This set -- from the Aram fruit collection -- is comprised of two highly detailed, hand-crafted pieces made from gold plating and nickel-plated oxidized bronze. It includes an arrow-shaped honey spoon and the eye-catching golden apple honey pot. More items from the Aram Rosh Hashanah collection can be found here, including coordinating apple bowls.


Classic holiday look: Ceramic Spode honey pot with wooden honey dipper coordinates nicely with the Michael Aram breadboard and matching knife in stainless steel with a nickelplate handle. Shabbat “Bread & Wine” challah cover by Jewish Heritage.

Spode Honey Pot: If you’re more of a traditionalist, you might prefer this blue-and-white ceramic honey pot designed in late 19th-century style, from the Spode Judaic Collection. It boasts a "built-in" drip edge and notch in lid for the wooden honey drizzler (included). Big bonus: It will hold 10.5 oz. of holiday honey, perfect for large family gatherings.

Beehive Honey Server by Quest: The detail of this exquisite nickel-silver plated beehive pot, with hand-enamelled honeycomb top, with have your guests buzzing with delight. Nature-inspired, even the accompanying spoon has a handle fashioned as a twig.