Meet the Artisans: Studio Armadillo

From their Tel Aviv workshop, Anat Stein and Hadas Kruk of Studio Armadillo are producing some of the prettiest, most colorful contemporary Judaica in ceramic and wood -- whimsical and yet clean-lined enough not to lose its cool.

“When people ask what inspires us to create modern Judaica, our answer, quite simply, is that our work reflects us,” says say Stein and Kruk. “Our creative inspiration is a mix of what we love in design: the simplicity of origami, geometry and mathematics; the playfulness of games and puzzles; and of course, modernism – a design era we adore.”

Their studio is located in an otherwise non-descript, aging building in urban Tel Aviv. You take a slow, chugging elevator to their floor, walk down a beige hall, and are welcomed into an office that is unexpectedly covered in floor-to-ceiling shelves of their products: menorahs, vases, mezuzahs, and candle holders, all in Studio Armadillo’s distinctive geometric shapes and pastel colors and creamy whites. There are new prototypes strewn on table tops, which Stein and Kruk are eager to show a visitor.

Inside Studio Armadillo’s magically transformed office.

The design-work is developed here, and then sent out to a network of local artisans who hand-make every piece. “Values of craftsmanship, community connections, and fair trade are our first priority and therefore lead our production method,” the two women say. is proud to carry a new collection by Studio Armadillo, containing some of our favorite pieces, including their two modern menorahs: the first inspired by origami, the second in a rippling wavy pattern. Interestingly, the designs were created first with paper, then shaped into a ceramic mold.


Studio Armadillo Menorahs

Next, take a look at three mezuzahs in Studio Armadillo’s original geometric style in white ceramic with a gold embossed shin: The Octagon mezuzah, the Origami mezuzah, and the Geometric mezuzah. These mezuzahs are ready to be mounted easily with strong double-sided tape, so no need to break out the drill.

Studio Armadillo Mezuzot

You can shop the collection here.