Jerusalem Yad

Jerusalem Yad
Jerusalem Yad
Yair Emanuel
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These beautiful pieces are both decorative and functional with the stand offering a place for the yad to rest while not in use. The stand and yad are both brightly colored with the same motif. The design features a depiction of the holy city of Jerusalem and the Western Wall with a beautiful night sky. The pointer itself is made of brass while the arm and stand are made of hand painted wood. The wood is covered with three layers of lacquer to ensure that it is totally functional. This fabulous torah pointer is the perfect gift for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, or as a gift for a new synagogue or the inauguration of a new Torah scroll.

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Sku 92322
Dimensions 1.6"x2"x9"
Artist Bio
Yair Emanuel, designs and crafts in many different techniques. Among his techniques are hand embroidery, painting on wood, painting on silk and a variety of metal designs.
Jerusalem Yad

Jerusalem Yad