Jewish Celebrations July 23, 2017

Top Wedding Gifts for Millennials

By Leiba Estrin

Modern shabbat setting includes “Elevate” kiddush cup by Uvtuvo and candle holders by Nambe.

1. Shake Up the Shabbat Ware


The items a young couple uses to celebrate Shabbat should reflect their contemporary style. And there’s no reason to limit those items to just one Shabbat set: Gone are the days when Grandma’s beloved but fusty silver needs to be the only way to welcome our weekly day of rest. We like to mix up our table seasonally -- or just for the sake of mixing it up. And don’t forget: There’s no commandment that says the Shabbat items have to match!

For this setting we created a contemporary look without being matchy: The silvery base of Quest’s “Mod” challah board reflects the clean polished lines of Nambe’s candle holders and Uvtuvo’s kiddush cup, but the deep brown wooden top brings in some warmth and earthiness. That earthy spirit repeats itself in the almost tribal looking washing cup, with its pattern in gleams of copper. A shimmering gold and silver challah cover pulls everything together.


And don’t forget a havdalah set to mark the end of Shabbat. Keep the modern vibe going with this three-piece set in pewter and brass by Joy Stember.

2. Mezuzahs that Say You’re Welcome


Few things welcome guests to a new Jewish home more immediately than the mezuzah by the front entrance The delightful aspect of the mezuzah (aside from its playful name) is the cornucopia of choices in styles and certainly places to hang them (from a bridal couple’s bedroom to a garden door). Here are a couple of our favorites that we think will please modern newlyweds:



Pair with one of our essential, handwritten mezuzah scrolls and the recipients are good to (come and) go.


3. Give the Gift of Giving with a Tzedakah Box

A tzedakah box is a meaningful wedding gift because it establishes a new couple’s home as a center of giving. It’s also a great destination for loose change.

An eco-centric couple might appreciate this box crafted from domestic sustainable hardwoods by E. Cohen Designs, while this simple “Silver Rings” box by Israeli artist Yair Emanuel is of universal design appeal.


4. Modern Menorahs to Light Up a New Home


As with Shabbat sets, you can never have too many menorahs to spread the light around. You’re only limited by the number of windows you have! (And patience with lighting...) Here are a few of our favorites to suit modern millennial tastes:



5. Seder plate

Millennials will adore this geometrically designed Seder plate by Israeli-based CeMMent. Aside from its obvious cool design factor, it can also double as a fruit or display platter throughout the year.