Meet Our Artisans July 18, 2017

Paving the Way for Contemporary Jewish Design

By Leiba Estrin

Marit Meisler of CeMMent Design has always felt drawn toward contemporary design and architecture, especially in their modern use of concrete. “There’s something very raw about concrete that makes each piece very different,” she says. Thus Meisler, who is based in Israel, created CeMMent, a line of judaica and household products that offers a surprising twist on a usually “cold” material, providing a warmth that hadn’t been there before.

When Meisler started her company in 2006, she had met a lot of people in New York City (where she lived at the time) who identified strongly with their Jewish identity and led contemporary lifestyles. Meisler noticed, however, that the majority of Judaica designs didn’t really match their homes or lifestyles, finding them to be too ornate or visually busy. At her CeMMent studio, located in old Jaffa, Meisler seeks to find a place where contemporary design meets Judaica.

When Meisler started, it was rare for artists to work with concrete. CeMMent is the only judaica company that currently works in cement, but Meisler says it’s great that concrete has caught on as a general trend for interior design. But Meisler has turned cement into a comfortable and inviting material, infusing cutting edge style into Jewish traditions that are thousands of years old. Her handmade items are humble yet refined, minimalistic and modern. She makes the most of clean lines that are interesting, tactile, and aesthetically pleasing.

Meisler prefers her “concrete finish smoother rather than rough” and uses geometric shapes in her compositions. She notes that many customers prefer Judaica that isn’t so straightforward, such as the popular “three line” shin mezuzot, displaying the bare bones of the Hebrew letter. A piece of Judaica “doesn’t have to have Jerusalem decoration on it to be holy,” she says. She likes to see how minimal she can go yet still preserve the essence of the object she’s creating.

Meisler’s work has been exhibited in museums worldwide. We are excited to announce the launch of a CeMMent collection at We’ve curated some of Meisler’s most popular pieces. You can browse the collection here.


Marit Meisler, Photo Credit: Kfir Ziv

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