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An Interview with Chanie Apfelbaum of Busy in Brooklyn

Millennial Kosher

Join us for a conversation with Chani Apfelbaum, author of the newly released Millennial Kosher cookbook.

Chanie Apfelbaum, also known by her popular Instagram handle and blog name, Busy in Brooklyn, has been treating her followers to fresh and delicious recipes for years. She's now bringing her favorite dishes directly to your kitchen counter with her new cookbook, Millennial Kosher. Published in May 2018 by Artscroll Mesorah Publications, this cookbook promises to bring fresh recipes and plating techniques for cooks of all ages.

Millennial Kosher

We spoke to Chanie during her busy book release week to get the inside scoop on the latest Kosher cookbook to hit the stands. Plus, we have an exclusive recipe for you, Kofta Stuffed Dates, a sneak peek to the fresh and creative dishes you'll find. You can purchase Millennial Kosher directly from - and it's now on sale! Grab yours quickly before it sells out - this cookbook is quite a winner.

JLiving: Millennials: what is their influence on the Kosher food market?

Chanie Apfelbaum: Millennials have a big influence on the kosher food market and it has a lot to do with how savvy they are with social media! Restaurants, brands and even supermarkets are starting to recognize the power of positive reviews on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It encourages them to up their game and keep up with the trends.

JL: What was your inspiration for creating Millennial Kosher? What is your general food style?

CA: I came to food by way of styling and presentation. I've always had an eye for composition - I just had different ways of expressing it before I got into food. I started off in web design, and I used to do a lot of scrapbooking in my spare time, but when I started my blog, I was able to channel my creativity into food and photography. I love incorporating pops of color into my food.

Millennial Kosher

JL: Have your Busy in Brooklyn followers impacted or had an influence on your current work?

CA: Absolutely! Their positive feedback, personal messages and especially the photos of my recipes in their kitchens is what drives me to keep creating.

JL: The Kosher food market has exploded in growth and popularity over the last decade. Where do you see it in five years from now?

CA: When I started blogging seven years ago, I was one of the first kosher food blogs on the web. There's a lot of new, young talent these days and I see them as rising stars in the kosher food world. I imagine lots of restaurant pop-ups, boutique caterers and small businesses coming from that talent.

JL: Here at, we have thousands of Judaica products for gifting and year round. Do you have a specific style of Judaica or a special piece in your house that means a lot to you?

CA: I'm very sentimental, so the pieces that I have that have been passed down from my grandparents and the gifts from my wedding mean a lot to me.

JL: Do you feel that presentation of food impacts how it's received? Any tips of choosing the correct serveware for different dishes?

CA: Absolutely! I always joke that most of the traditional foods we eat are brown. Gefilte fish, matza ball soup, roast chicken, brisket, kugel, cholent - all beige and monochrome! People eat with their eyes first, so in Millennial Kosher, I'm on a mission to introduce color to food in new and exciting ways. I even turn gefilte fish into a pizza with a salad on top! When it comes to serveware, I prefer to serve on white dishes because I like to have a blank canvas to display my food, and I think dishes that are too colorful can compete with the food. You want your food to be what shines on the plate!
Millennial Kosher

JL: And finally, what's your favorite spot to eat in Brooklyn?

CA: I love ethnic cuisine, Israeli food in particular, so the newly opened Alenbi is my current crush. They've taken kosher cuisine to the next level and I hope new restaurants follow suit!

Looking for the Millennial Kosher Cookbook?

Thanks for talking with us, Chanie! You can purchase Millennial Kosher directly from here - now on sale. Grab yours quickly before it sells out - this cookbook is quite a winner!

For more great recipes, follow Chanie Apfelbaum on Instagram @busyinbrooklyn or her blog,

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