LED Electric Menorah

LED Electric Menorah
LED Electric Menorah

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Lighting up the night during Hanukkah doesn't have to mean fiddling with messy candle wax or dangerous oil. This LED Electric Menorah ushers in a new era of modern menorahs by making lighting the candles, quick, easy and attraction. It features sequential lighting as well as “cool to the touch” LED bulbs that easily light with a slight twist, so it's safe for the whole family to use. It features a highly polished silver finish that makes it look chic and modern. Despite this contemporary style, however, this LED Electric Menorah also harkens back to tradition by using a very iconic menorah design with a sturdy base.


  • UL-listed AC/DC adapter (works in US and Canada)
  • 9 low-voltage blue bulbs 
  • On/off switch on the cord

Additional Information

Sku 10327
Material Metal
Style Traditional
Dimensions 13" L x 2.75" W x 10.75" H
LED Electric Menorah

LED Electric Menorah