The Reb Moshe Haggadah

The Reb Moshe Haggadah
The Reb Moshe Haggadah

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"The Reb Moshe Haggadah" beautifully captures the many facets of the renowned halachist. Much of the commentary is taken from Reb Moshe's prolific writings on halacha, Chumash, and Talmud. Stories about Reb Moshe from dozens of other sources paint an inspiring and breathtaking portrait of a caring and empathetic leader who had a profound understanding and endless love for the Jews he led for so many decades. The section about the "Four Sons" includes Reb Moshe's fascinating approach to child-rearing and Torah education. At one point, the book quotes Reb Moshe's comparison of the merciless Communist regime in which he lived to Pharaoh's Egypt. With the listing of the Ten Plagues, a new understanding of the power of free choice is offered; a vital lesson in the strengthening of faith is learned with the story of the Splitting of the Sea. The traditional Hebrew text is fully translated in this brilliant edition.

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The Reb Moshe Haggadah

The Reb Moshe Haggadah