Wedding Breaking Glass Keepsake Mezuzah by Shardz

Wedding Breaking Glass Keepsake Mezuzah by Shardz

Wedding Breaking Glass Keepsake Mezuzah by Shardz
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This distinctive Wedding Glass Keepsake Mezuzah is unique because it is made with the shards of your Shardz wedding glass. You can choose any of the Shardz wedding glasses and have the pieces you break under the chupah fused into this beautiful Wedding Glass Keepsake Mezuzah.

To make it happen, you must order a wedding breaking glass and the Mezuzah in advance of the wedding. Then, we'll send you the glass with instructions for how to store the shards and get them back to the artist to achieve this stunning final keepsake (see How it Works). If you are buying this for a friend, wedding breaking glass keepsake gift certificates are also available, which provide the bride and groom with step-by-step instructions for how to get their Wedding Glass Keepsake Mezuzah created after the wedding.

3 things to consider when purchasing your wedding glass keepsake:

         1. All of these keepsakes that are made just for you, require a wedding glass to be fused with. If you already have the glass and want to infuse it into one of our keepsakes, just complete your purchase and we will send you simple step-by-step instructions for getting your glass cherished in a keepsake forever.

         2. If you are purchasing this item as a gift for someone and their glass, by checking the box above, you can send them a certificate to let them know that a keepsake was purchased for them. Just be sure to enter their address in the Ship To Address at checkout, so that we can send them their certificate along with step by step instructions for getting their wedding glass integrated into this beautiful keepsake.

         3. If you like the design, but don’t have a glass, you can still buy this keepsake and just choose from our wide selection (linked) of breaking glasses to create your personalized masterpiece. Please keep in mind though, that Shardz and Rosetree will only make keepsakes with their own brand of glass.

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